Launching A Fashion Brand? Here is What You Need to Know!

May 21, 2018

As exciting and glamorous as it seems, launching a fashion brand requires tons of dedication and hard work.

 Apart from a unique product design, there are so many areas of the business to focus on. From logistics to marketing, here are some important factors that affect a product launch:


First step, you will need to design a practical plan to launch your product. Initial planning involves touching upon crucial design and development elements, which include but are not limited to:

· What kind of product are you releasing?

· Who will be your target audience?

· What will be your price points?

· How long is the lead time on production?

· Have you selected a reliable manufacturer? When choosing a manufacturer, make sure to get samples in multiple sizes before going into production.


Next step, how will you manage your company’s logistics? Have you selected a reliable courier for shipping? Will you use a fulfillment center or handle packing inhouse?  How will you ship the products? Will you accept returns?


Branding is crucial for any fashion brand to gain an edge in the industry. What will be your branding strategy?  What will be the voice of your brand? How does your brand compare with other brands?

You will need a solid logo for your brand. Consider your social media accounts when designing your company’s logo.


Focus on social media, which includes Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat to build your organic traffic. Build a marketing strategy for the first 18 months. Set a budget for marketing and stick to it.

Your website represents your brand. Make sure it’s well-designed, attractive, easy to use and optimized for mobile. A one-step checkout makes it easier for potential leads to make purchases.

Whether it’s your social media accounts or your website, use engaging, informative content and high resolution images to leave a great impression on customers and get your brand noticed.

Each fashion brand is different and requires a unique plan to hit the market with a bang. A product launch is a one-time event; you only have one chance to make a great first impression on customers.

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