Made in America: The Disadvantages of Overseas Production

Many businesses and brands outsource their manufacturing to other countries where the labor is cheaper and widely available. While the pros of overseas production are well-documented, there are various cons as well.

This blog will take you through the disadvantages of overseas production and explain the benefits of producing locally.

The disadvantage of Overseas Production

Logistic Expenses

One of the biggest disadvantages is the high shipping rates, which increase costs significantly. Importing the manufactured product takes time and money. Plus, any delays or mishaps during the journey lead to additional costs.

When you go local, you don’t have to worry about these additional costs, and you can focus on producing quality products.

Lack of Control

When your products are manufactured overseas, you’ll not be able to visit or have meetings in person. This means you’ll have limited control over your products. You can’t monitor the production process to ensure adherence to safety measures and check the quality of the products.

Moreover, the pandemic has made overseas travel impossible, and the cost of travel is also an additional expense. When you produce locally, you can monitor the entire production process from start to finish and control each aspect of production like safety, quality, and timely delivery.

Shipping Delays

With the production halted in various countries, supply chains experienced delays and shortages. By producing goods in a different country, you’ll have to consider the time it takes for the goods to teach back to the U.S and potential delays in those timelines.

If a factory in one country is closed for a week or month due to a festival or holiday, or a pandemic, you’ll have to bear the consequence of late production.

This is why it’s best to produce locally. There will be no difference in timelines and cultures, reducing such delays and time depletion.

A woman working in a local warehouse

Problems with the Products

A problem with manufacturing or quality will lead to disappointed customers. They won’t care that it’s a manufacturing issue. They will reduce the value of your brand, given the manufacturing issues.

Your brand will suffer because you can’t oversee the production process and ensure quality. But with local production, you can immediately sort out the issue and ensure there is no such problem in the first place.

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