Marketing for Millennials in Fashion—Why and How?

January 13, 2021

The ‘Millennial’ is a recently coined term to refer to Generation Y born between 1982 and 2000. It’s an elusive group with socially-aware, Instagram-addicted, Starbucks obsessed folks.

With 31-70 million Millennials globally, millennials have the largest generation size surpassing baby boomers. They spend US$153-$155 billion annually on consumer products due to their immense spending power. Moreover, with high levels of materialism, they’re more than willing to splurge on the things they find attractive.

Despite their vast spending power, millennials are resistant to traditional marketing approaches in fashion. Therefore, fashion brands and men and women-wear manufacturers must establish brand loyalty with millennials.

Here are some of the essential steps to attract millennials to your brand.

Offer Personalization & Customization

This generation loves to look for artistic expression. Personalization and customization intrigue the millennials to explore a brand. You can win over millennials by offering a service that directly caters to their specific needs.

Tap into this trend by allowing customers to personalize their clothes and accessories online. Offering custom-made activewear or casual wear helps you create a stronger connection with the consumer. They can select their style, edit the design, and pick the colors to suit their aesthetic.

Feature User-Generated Content

Millennial consumers significantly rely on other buyers’ experiences. They trust the recommendations by friends, family members, and their favorite influencers before making any clothing purchases. Therefore, featuring user-generated content can instantly scale-up your marketing strategy for millennials.

Make the best use of your brand’s social media and website by encouraging buyers to create user-generated content. Urge them to mention your brand while posting photos and reviews. Moreover, creating a branded hashtag or a unique campaign name makes it easier for users to view the content.

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Become a Socially Conscious Brand

Millennials are ‘woke’ individuals who are highly concerned about their purchase decisions’ environmental and social implications. You can take this opportunity to express your brand’s values by promoting sustainable shopping with ethical production methods.

Young people are more inclined to support, promote, and purchase from cruelty-free brands that frequently contribute to eco-friendly practices.

Provide Flawless Customer Support

The best strategy to establish brand loyalty with millennials is through flawless customer support that makes them feel they’re a part of a community. It makes their shopping experience more personal. Stellar customer support enables them to keep coming back to your marketplace to find updates about new clothing lines and clearance sales.

You can improve your business customer service by speeding up response times and allowing easy access to your website. High-quality clothing manufacturing companies can now offer website development services to sell your product more efficiently.

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59% of millennials make product recommendations or express their reviews on digital platforms, massively impacting the fashion market. If you’re looking to market your custom-made clothing line to millennials, connect with us at Lefty Production Co. for our impeccable website development services.

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