Men’s Pants Style Guide: How Long Should Pants be?

May 25, 2021

Present-day trousers are not as adventurous as say 50, 40, or even 30 years ago. Nowadays, shades are more on the muted side and lengths, a question of personal preference and body-type.

So, here are the most preferred lengths that manufacturers of casual, formal, and athletic menswear come across these days.

Above Ankle

Until recently, there was no such thing as above-the-ankle in men’s fashion.
Now, from trouser shorts to above-the-ankle trousers and the odd chino shorts thrown in, nothing is too risqué.
The corporate world outside of fashion may still look down on them, but they are being increasingly worn over suits and are a great way to beat the summer heat.

Man Wearing A Blue Coat and Calf-length Chinos

Hems with No Break

No break means the hem-tip just about reaches the top of your shoes. Ankle-length in the strictest sense, they have lately been incorporated into dress pants despite having a niche in jeans in chinos.
They look best on those on the shorter end of the spectrum.

Definite Break

A complete opposite of the straight hems mentioned above, these cuffed trousers are for the traditional lot of you, whose tailors span generations and know how to mix the old with the new while keeping the former’s integrity intact.

Suitable for older executives and those who have a little meat on them than the average male.

Wide-legged Trousers with A Full Break

Straight trousers have been around for the better part of this century, but we now see a transition back to a watered-down version of the wider-legged pants of old, with a full break and everything.
Ironically, despite being a slimmer version of its ancestor, this style is for the experimental man. This style is for who need a change and are okay with wider berths at the ankles.

Menswear Manufacturer in Los Angeles

It can be pretty difficult to find quality tailors these days. A common myth about them being, the older the better. Truth is, it takes knowledge of both old and new practices to get men’s trousers right, something our team has in great abundance.

Our designers and tailors have the best materials at their disposal to apply their extensive knowledge of dress and casual pants on and can mix things up to suit every body-type.

Book a consultation to have your menswear manufactured posthaste.

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