Shaping Sustainable Athleisure: Working Out a Workout Line

July 20, 2021

Athletic wear is not limited to a specific area of the fashion industry. Over the years, the use of sportswear has made its way from gyms and yoga mats to homes, corner shops, the local Walmart, and even workplaces. This makes it a trend; one you can capitalize on by combining it with the thriving sustainable athleisure market.

Here’s how to come up with eco-friendly activewear.

ECONYL Yoga Pants

ECONYL is a form of upcycled nylon found in carpets, clothes, and fishing nets reclaimed from landfills and oceans.

High-rise ECONYL yoga pants are a great place to start with athleisure. Test the waters and see if it resonates with your core audience. If it happens to take off, introduce more activewear like sports bras, hoodies, sweatshirts, and raincoats.

Recycled Polyester Jumpsuits

Unlike its conventional ancestor, recycled polyester is not created with petroleum. When upcycling reclaimed plastic bottles reach a processing plant, they are cut into tiny pieces, converted into pellets, melted, and spun into yarn.

Jumpsuits are all the rage in athleisure these days, and so are recycled polyesters. Why not combine the two and see how it sits with activewear-ers? Try a unique line of clothing with the typical pants and bras, but also throw in some puffer and fleece jackets, vests, pullovers, and the crowning glory: training jumpsuits.

Organic Cotton Shorts

Cotton production is associated with global warming and many not-so-savory labor rights violations. However, the practice of crop rotation to prevent disease, rather than pesticides, in producing organic cotton makes them a more sustainable alternative for humans and the environment.

So, develop a line of organic cotton shorts, tops, leotards, and tracksuits. Then sit back and let the softer, gentler texture and moisture-wicking features of your fashion line do all the talking.

Bamboo Sports Bras

Much like its cotton buddy, organic bamboo is grown without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It’s harvested and processed in a way that all the water is recycled.

By incorporating a little bit of spandex, you can churn out a highly anti-allergic, flexible, biodegradable, and sweat absorbent line of tops, yoga outfits, sports bras, training socks, and vests.

Sustainable Activewear Manufacturing in LosAngeles

Slow fashion is our mantra here at Lefty Production Co.. As clothing manufacturers, we’ve made our way to streaming and TV platforms by combining cutting-edge laser technology with fair trade practices.

Recruit our services if you have a vision related to men’s wear, women’s clothing, children’s wear, athleisure, bridals, and whatnot.

Get in touch now to set things in motion.

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