Smart Ways to Boost Your Lingerie Sales

You have worked from home lately, and no one better than you knows how comfy working in pajamas can be! Also known as the "leg garment", pajamas have been used as sleepwear since the 1900s. A simple garment with draw-strings attached, pajamas were only replaced in the 1930s when Vogue cheered for robes in their then fashion coverage.

Gradually, silk and cotton robes became popular nightwear throughout the west. Through the 1900s, sleepwear fashion has changed with changing fashion trends. An antique bookshop might still have magazines with models posing in knee-length silk nightgowns.

Research states the lingerie business in 2020 was valued at about 40 billion US dollars. Lingerie marketers like Victoria's Secret and Calvin Klein have dominated the market for quite some years now. In June 2021, Victoria's Secret decided to break boundaries by including women of worth in their fashion show line-up. The decision came as the brand's latest initiative to represent and include women of all sizes in their runway shows. Traditionally, the brand has always been known for its size-zero models donning the most expensive lingerie and extravagant wings.

The question is, what made Victoria Secret make such a jaw-dropping move? Experts believe the decision was particularly made to stay relevant and to attract more customers. When Victoria's Secret can undergo a whole process of rebranding, what's stopping you from going for smarter ways to boost your lingerie sales?

Some ways to boost your lingerie sales are as follows:

Go for Business Collaborations!

A leading lingerie retailer like Calvin Klein collaborates with other businesses to generate sales. Benjamin Jones, professor of Strategy at North Western University, believes most businesses in the contemporary world need collaborators to succeed. Collaborations work at different levels for the business. Some ways are:

· Collaboration of different teams who've worked in really different situations

· Business collaborations help in creating better business strategies

· Collaborations increase business impact and reputation

It has been proven via research that teams perform better than solo business owners. Top brands in the lingerie industry like Calvin Klein and Cosa Bella collaborate with celebrities to increase their brand worth and reputation.

Ask yourself these questions:

· What does my brand stand for?

· How can business X contribute to my brand's worth?

· Are there any long-term benefits of collaborating with business X?

Lingerie designing and manufacturing has a large market in Los Angeles. You can readily get collaborators here if you intend to set out for business collaboration. To design and manufacture lingerie for your brand, you can visit our factory in LA.

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Create Your Space on Social Media

Since the pandemic, most interaction between businesses and customers has been through social media. Lingerie brands made it a point to have social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to increase their outreach.

You don't need much to have a social media presence. Some things you might need are:

· Professional models

· Good lighting

· High-pixel camera + photographer

· A video/ photo editor

· Complementary backdrops

Digital lingerie campaigns have themes to them. E.g., outdoor lingerie shoots, indoor lingerie shoots, lingerie shoots at the beach. Lingerie design experts can guide you better about lingerie fabric and style for these shoots. Once you've decided on the campaign's theme, the rest of the shoot is a piece of cake! You can then post pictures of the shoot on your social media pages.

Click here to check out how Cosa Bella does it!

Platforms like digital media need business collaborations as well. Brands need to hire influencers who have a certain social media presence to market their product better.

Women's wear manufacturers in Los Angeles also offer web designing services. Book an appointment with us to learn about designing killer websites for your lingerie brand.

Plan Lingerie Giveaways!

Freebies and BOGOFs (buy one, get one free) are what consumers love! You must have come across free tasters a zillion times if you're located in LA. These strategies simply acquaint the consumers with the quality and type of products a company sells.

For giveaways, ask your lingerie manufacturers in Los Angeles to design lingerie with different trims and fabrics. Advertise your giveaway on different media platforms. As soon as your giveaway goes live, be ready to collect information about your consumers. There isn't a better way for you to collect information about your consumers' email addresses, lingerie article preference and product feedback.

Reliable women's garment manufacturers design lingerie wear that's the perfect mix of comfortable and trendy. They use the latest CAD software to develop detailed designs.

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Bill-Board Your Brand!

One of the most iconic ways of boosting product sales is to make your product visible to consumers. We all remember billboard marketing that stood out so well the ad became a part of the consumers' memories. Creative billboards can draw audiences in great numbers and can be a great way to generate product sales.

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