Sourcing & Design: An Overview

For a cost-effective production process in the fashion and apparel industry, designers seek retailers who sell low-cost fabric and laborers who don’t demand high wages. However, these low-cost functions do not always guarantee a high-quality outcome.

Therefore, it’s ideal for a fashion brand to connect with a professional apparel production and development company that offers expert sourcing advice and referrals in addition to high-quality designing techniques.

Here’s a breakdown of sourcing and designing in the fashion industry.


Sourcing refers to the process of identifying the place and methodology of the production process. Most designers put in the effort to find the right fabric and other raw materials for low production costs.

The strategic planning behind sourcing revolves around running low-cost operations to increase profits.

Importance of Sourcing

The importance of sourcing lies in the expenses related to the production process. A fashion designer needs to reduce the cost to cut competition. Manufacturing the same product with the resources available in buyer’s proximity will be more expensive as compared to sourcing it from different places.

Besides pricing, a supplier must be evaluated based on quality standards, customer reviews, delivery time, stock availability, etc.

Fashion designing tools at a garment manufacturer in Los Angeles


Designing refers to the process of idea generation and production for any garment. However, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. The designing process involves the following steps:

Ideas & Inspiration

A designer collects all the ideas and inspirations related to the fashion line and represents it on a mood board. A mood board provides cohesion and accurate reflection of the outcome.

Fashion Illustration or Sketches

This step involves getting ideas on the paper. The sketches will either be drawn by hand or digitally. If you’ve got a specific material or fabric in mind, keep in mind to attach it along with the fashion illustration or sketch for the perfect representation of the product.

Technical Sketches

This is the blueprint of your fashion illustration. Its importance lies in the fact that it’s an accurate reflection of your product's construction. These technical sketches are also known as CAD of your designs.

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