Sourcing Fabric? Here Are Some Important Things To Remember!

September 11, 2018

You may have an inspiring design that can set the runway on fire, but poor-quality fabric can make your end-product unflattering and weary. With the right kind of fabric, you can add life to your line.

New colors, textures, knits and weaves are introduced by mills and fashion designer every season. By sourcing the right fabric, you can create a hot-selling design for the coming season. But for that, you need sufficient knowledge about fabric sourcing.

To make your design and production process cost-effective and innovative, take these 5 things into consideration.


60 percent of your retail price consists of fabric cost. In order to create products that fall within an affordable price range, choose a fabric type that resonates with your consumers. The quality and price of the garment should be in line.  Selling a high-quality fabric at low price is not viable for your business in the long-run. Therefore, find the right match of quality and price, by testing variety of fabrics. Choose a fabric that sells well in the market and is liked by your customers.


Taking a sketch from paper to display-racks requires functionality and workability of design. Multiple ideas look stunning on flat sketches, but fail during the actual application process. Fabric might not drape or hang on the shoulder-pads as you expected them to, or an unusual mix of fabric might make the outfit un-wearable.  

Make a prototype of your design, before entering the production phase. This will give you a better idea about the material and further changes can be made to make your design functional and a fashion-success.


In addition to testing the fabric’s functionality in design application, you also need to test the content of the fabric. Testing is needed to ensure that the chosen fabric has the ability to sustain further finishing applications like, printing or marking. Work with the right base fabric to replicate exciting designs.


Be farsighted when buying a sample fabric for your prototype. If the same fabric is not available in the market during production stages, you will experience shortages and price hikes. Local fabric stores stock a limited yardage of fabric each season, whereas mills offers customization in size, color and quantity.

Partner with a quality fabric provider to ensure consistency, availability and regularity in your fabric supply.


Environment-friendly products give you an additional leverage in the market. Sustainable fashion is gaining popularity in the market, so it’s high-time to start experimenting with recycled fabrics, trims and yarns.

We have an ultimate solution for all your fashion needs. Whether it’s trim sourcing, garment pattern making or garment sample making, we have a sustainable and affordable solution for you.

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