Starting a Lingerie Brand? Know These Popular Lingerie Types Beforehand

January 23, 2023

 If you’ve developed a taste for fashion and have a hint of naughtiness, you may find it realistic to create a lingerie brand from scratch. Although there’s a lot of competition, you’ll find that learning the basics is enough to get started, especially if you are passionate about it. Growth rates indicate that the lingerie industry will grow exponentially in the coming years, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to capture the markets with their new designs.


Let’s explore the most popular lingerie types you need to know before starting your brand.


1. Daily Uplifts

These are the most common lingerie types you will expect to find anywhere because they are worn regularly and range from lightly padded to heavily padded. Depending on your preferences and body size, you can choose to buy t-shirt bras that are easily worn under t-shirts and provide a good grip while feeling comfortable.


Since this bra does not let you feel its weight, you can rest assured that this product will sell quickly when you start your lingerie brand. Although designs are fairly simple for uplifts, you can work with fashion designers to come up with something new if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd.


2. Bridal Lingerie

Bridal lingerie is highly popular but limited to wedding events, but some women prefer wearing them on special occasions. Since they are sexier than conventional uplifts, they cost more and are suitable to be worn with particular shoes, jewelry, and nighties. When choosing the best bridal lingerie, you must ensure that it does not make your bridal dress look droopy.


However, you should try and choose the right colors so there’s not an obvious contrast between your wedding dress and lingerie. For example, you may choose shades of nude and white, which are the most popular colors. If you want to go the extra mile and opt for a more luxurious look, you can select bridal lingerie made of laces.



3. Bikini

Bikinis are fairly popular and normally worn around beaches and resorts, making for casual and attractive attire. They are also compatible with all body types, meaning you can wear one regardless of your weight or shape. If you’re looking to start a lingerie brand, it makes sense to prioritize different types of bikinis to add to your collection.


You may wish to study current and emerging market trends to create inspiration for your designs or choose to replicate the most popular ones with minor adjustments. Bikinis are available in various cuts, colors, patterns, materials, and prints, ensuring people find what they’re looking for instead of settling for a look that doesn’t accurately reflect who they are.


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