Sustainability: A Pathway to Becoming an Ethical Fashion Brand

January 5, 2023

 The fashion industry might design clothes that help people look amazing, but certain practices in the fashion world negatively impact the environment, human rights, and animal rights. So startups need to establish themselves as ethical fashion brands that positively impact the environment and people around the world.


But is it that easy? This blog discusses how fashion entrepreneurs can start an ethical fashion brand.


Ensures That You Don’t Violate Labor Rights

Many fashion brands get their clothes manufactured at cheap rates by workers in third-world countries. While looking for ways to decrease your manufacturing cost is an admirable option, hiring workers at low rates isn’t an option. Most brands outsource their clothes manufacturing to countries in Asia where workers have to work in poor conditions while making a low wage.


So the first step in establishing yourself as an ethical fashion brand is to avoid outsourcing clothes manufacturing to overseas and low-paid workers. Instead, you can go for local manufacturing and ensure that the people who manufacture clothes for your brand are being paid enough for their hard work.

Refrain from Animal Cruelty

Besides prioritizing human rights, creating an ethical fashion brand is also about considering animal rights. Many fashion brands stick to cruel practices like getting feathers from ostriches and other birds to create handbags. Other fashion companies also use fur, wool, and leather obtained from animals.


So if you want to build an ethical fashion brand, refrain from using material that’s a product of animal cruelty. Instead, go for synthetic fibers. Through this practice, you can reduce the number of animals killed for the fashion industry.

Create All-Inclusive Clothes and Accessories

Body positivity is an increasingly popular and much-needed trend in the fashion industry, as people are encouraged to accept and celebrate their bodies. This trend has resulted in fashion brands creating clothes for people of all shapes and sizes. Fashion entrepreneurs who want to create ethical fashion brands need to switch to pattern grading and other techniques to ensure that plus-sized people get stylish clothes too.

Switch to Sustainable Techniques and Materials

Do you know that the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions? So ethical fashion brands need to switch to sustainable techniques and materials. These companies must avoid making clothes in large quantities as the leftover garments can end up in landfills and increase land pollution. Additionally, ethical fashion brands need to reuse materials and fabrics in clothes manufacturing and processes like packaging.

Want to Establish Yourself as an Ethical Fashion Brand? Let us Assist You

Whether you’re a kid’s clothing brand or create bikinis and swimwear, it’s essential to stick to ethical techniques. At Lefty Production Co., we are a kid’s, men’s, and women’s fashion manufacturers in Los Angeles. Our swimwear manufacturers can help you start as an ethical fashion brand using local manufacturing and creating clothes in all sizes.


Book an appointment with our activewear manufacturers and start as an ethical fashion brand ASAP!


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