Swimwear Trends In 2023 That Should Make It To Your Swimwear Collection

April 10, 2023

Summer is about to hit California, and we are preparing for summer by planning our swimming outfits. As we wait for the sunny weather, we cannot help but think about how swimwear will look like this year. This blog will go over the swimwear trends that swimwear manufacturers in Los Angeles expect to see this summer.

Ruffle Bikini Tops

This year is about embracing volume and flair in our outfits, and swimsuits should not be an exception. Ruffled bikini tops are dream-like and romantic, which can set a perfect mood for a playful summer. Stand out with frilly trims and flared cut-outs to adopt a swimwear trend that pays homage to old Hollywood.

Laces And Underwires

The lines between swimwear and lingerie are blurring as swimwear is adopting lacey bodices and corset-inspired backs. Underwires and bow straps add a touch of femininity to swimsuits with this trend, and we are here for it. You can participate in this flirty trend by adding bikini sets with lace detailing to your wardrobe. Use ribbon strap tops and bottoms, and get creative with bows for this swimwear trend.

One-Piece Swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits are a classic trend that is not going extinct near pools anytime soon. Their timelessness lies in their versatility. The style can effortlessly embrace many patterns like animal prints, checks, and classic polka dots. You can add ruffled trims to give them a feminine vibe, but you can also go bold with monotone leotards. In 2023, we will see flirty cut-outs paired with jeans and skirts to be used as bodysuits.

Woman in a white swimsuit near a pool.


Block Color Bikinis

Blocking colors are shades that are on opposite sides of a color wheel. Last seen in the early 2010s, color-blocking is making a fashion comeback this decade. A swimsuit trend we expect to see this year is to experiment with color-blocking in swimwear. People will experiment with color-blocking bikinis and one-pieces to add a playful energy to their summer.

Swimwear brands in 2023 will cater to an audience that is looking for a bright and adventurous summer. As a swimwear, bikini, and lingerie fashion manufacturersin Los Angeles that aids designers in producing their fashion lines, we have years of experience in textile manufacturing to help aspiring designers produce fashion lines that appeal to trends. From sourcing and design to cutting and producing, our team is there to help you every step of the way. Simply book an appointment with manufacturing companies los angeles to start preparing your swimwear line.

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