Tennis Fashion: Your Guide To This Year’s Trends

May 8, 2023

Tennis is a sport associated with glamour and wealth, so it is no wonder why on-court looks have inspired everyone’s casual wardrobe. During the pandemic, most people practiced social distancing while staying active through this sport, so now that restrictions have loosened, people are still carrying the athleisure fashion movement onward.

Whether on or off-court, tennis fashion has made a huge impact on fashion enthusiasts. This blog will list some trending tennis outfit items that we are sure will inspire activewear designers.

1. Preppy Dresses

One-pieces are trending in athleisure, tennis or not. If you live in Los Angeles, you must have seen biketards, jumpers, and bodysuits becoming a part of the city’s street style. Similarly, tennis dresses offer a fun, twirly, and breathable vibe to your look that is perfect for California summers.

Tennis stars such as Serena Williams had been wearing them for quite some time before they became a classic tennis staple. One-piece dresses will remain in style for their classic appeal and versatile use. They are the first on our list of trending tennis outfits for this year.

2. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are another classic item that never goes out of style. They have a classic Hollywood charm that is seldom associated with any other fashion item. Wearing polo on court, however, has an appeal of its own. It has long been associated with elegance, and today, both men and women are drawn to it because it is easy to style for casual, special, and sports events.

3. Ruffly Skirts


Ruffled skirts have a preppy appeal that complements a tennis court more than other clothes. This trending tennis outfit item is Bella Hadid-approved. If you need more convincing after that, ruffled skirts are flowy and perfect for body heat ventilation in the summer. They can also be worn interchangeably on casual occasions because of their flirty aura.

Tennis fashion is one of the most exciting trends to look out for every year because people have a lot of fun with the sport and the outfits.

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