Textile Trends In Los Angeles Designers Sh

May 17, 2023

Los Angeles experiences extreme temperatures in the summer with almost no rain. People prefer wearing light fabrics to keep their bodies cool in an arid climate like that. The city also takes its fashion seriously. How do people in Los Angeles find a balance between comfort and style? This blog will discuss the textile trends in Los Angeles that help people accomplish that.

Cotton For Summer Clothing


Cotton is undoubtedly the most common fabric for apparel globally. The main reason behind its popularity is its lightness which is a relief during hot summers. For a place that suffers extreme summer temperatures, cotton will remain a constant textile trend in Los Angeles.

Additionally, cotton has high drapability, meaning it does not stick to the body and flows in a rather aesthetic manner, making it an ideal choice for dresses.

Silk for a Luxurious Effect

Silk is another classic fiber choice for apparel. In the past, silk was an indicator of social status alongside gold, only to be worn by wealthy emperors. Its prestige even made it a medium of exchange in trade. Today, silk is known for its shine, pristine finish, and softness. With the introduction of mass production, silk is available to everyone.

Besides being used in clothing, silk is used in skin and hair care routines because of its smooth texture, which prevents harsh rubbing or rashes. Beauty gurus swear by pillows and towels made of silk for optimum comfort. No wonder it remains a trending textile in Los Angeles.

Bamboo for an Eco-Friendly Fashion Line

Bamboo is one of the easiest fabric choices for people seeking sustainable fashion. As opposed to synthetic plastics, bamboo is made of bamboo pulp. It has micro-perforations that give it its elasticity and moisture absorption quality  ̶  qualities that make it a suitable choice for activewear and swimwear manufacturers.

Recycled Polyester for High Absorbency

Jewelry and shoe above a piece of silk.


Like bamboo, recycled polyester is another sustainable material sought by conscious fashion consumers. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is used in clothes because of its lightness, absorbency, and ability to soak and retain dyes. The material does not wrinkle easily and dries out faster than the other fabrics on the list.

However, virgin polyester production is unsustainable because a concerning amount of water goes into its production, and upon washing, the material bleeds microplastics into our water bodies. Recycled polyester, however, is sustainable because it retains the advantages of virgin polyester without having a detrimental effect on the environment.

This ends our list of trending textiles in Los Angeles. The choice of garment for your fashion line will depend on your designs and the target audience. Usually, manufacturers with experience in the field can guide you about the right fabric for your garments.

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