The ‘90s Are Making a Comeback: All The Trends You Should Have an Eye On

June 1, 2021

Millennials might be the last generation to remember ‘90s fashion fads. Every clothing pattern had a wild air to it then, probably why it disappeared as fast as it arrived.

However, we may not have heard the last of the following trends.

Dawn of the Denim

Unless you were a fetus, every adult has to remember Full House. Only the best sitcom to ever grace our television screens, it had its fair share of fashion moments, one of which was D.J. Tanner’s all jeans outfit.

It consisted of a tucked denim button-down and pants held up with a leather belt and was every teenager’s dream outfit. It also seems to be the Kardashian’s choice of wear, seeing as three of them have been seen sporting it of late.

Baggy, But Better

Since we are talking about jeans, let’s address the recent rise of flared jeans. The wide-legged pants can be seen as an upgrade of ‘90s baggy jeans, and we may have bid farewell to them for good if not for the pandemic.

More stay-at-home time means an increased focus on domestic apparel that’s both comfortable and presentable, seeing as many have taken to working remotely. Flared jeans may just be an answer to such demands. We’re not complaining; if anything, hard pants are harsh by their very nature, nor are they suitable for prolonged wear. This may just be a solution to satisfy everyone.

Scrunchies Are Officially Back

Both Blossom and Full House featured endless scrunchies. A fashion manufacturer staple for a few years now, we can’t wrap our head around how people forgot about them in the first place.

They have less tug than the regular hair tie, are more flexible, and turn a bad hair day into a good one by the sheer power of cuteness. What’s not to like?

Sweater Vests Regain Lost Ground

Chandler Bing called. He wants you to keep his sweaters.

During its entire run, Friends was rife with his many sweater vests. From overlarge to slim and even a double sweater look that had us in stitches, his apparel patterns somehow worked for the character he portrayed.

You can wear them over long or mini dresses, under a coat, or pair them with pants or skirts. Oh, and ditch the top.

One-Of-A-Kind Garment Manufacturing in Los Angeles

If you are a brand looking to tap into these vintage trends, let our design team help you with it. They will be able to conjure up ideas that would make a perfect balance between old and new and help you tame the grunge of ‘90s menswear or womenswear.

Our textile manufacturing company takes great pride in what it does, which is the ethical production of fashion no matter what. ‘Probably why we have slow fashion retailers such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus under our belt.

Set up an appointment with us, and distance notwithstanding, we’ll able to help you come up with your ‘90s twist.

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