The Essential Pieces of Athleisure Wear

November 6, 2022

Wearing stretchy and comfortable clothes has become acceptable. Clothes that we wear for workouts, we can also wear anywhere else. For instance, you can wear athleisure to run errands, go shopping and eat out with your loved ones.

Athleisure is casual, but you can layer it to make a style statement. Here are some of the common athleisure pieces that everyone should own.

Athleisure Wear: Essential Items

The beauty of athleisure is that anyone can wear it. Focus on neutral colors when building your athleisure wardrobe. Colors such as gray, black, and white are perfect for piecing together an incredible athleisure wardrobe.

Here are the essentials of athleisure that you need:


Sweatshirts are the building blocks of casual wear. These basics are a must-have because you can layer them with a t-shirt underneath. Pull out the bottom hem of the t-shirt and sleeves, so they show. You can also layer sweatshirts with a coat or jacket.

Long Sleeve Tee

White t-shirts are a necessity for an athleisure wardrobe. This neutral color coordinates with other colors and looks great with leggings. You can wear a long sleeve white t-shirt alone or wear a crop top over it. Otherwise, a jacket, coat, or sleeveless vest is also the best choice.

Athletic Sneakers

You cannot skip athletic sneakers when building an athleisure wardrobe. A neutral-toned sneaker such as gray, white, or black will coordinate with neutral-toned outfits.

Hooded Pullover/Zip Hoodie

Both of these items are perfect to wear alone or layered with other items. For instance, you can layer a hooded pullover with a long plaid shirt. You can also wear a collared shirt underneath a hooded pullover.

A zip hoodie looks great alone, but you can combine it with other pieces to create a different casual outfit.


Leggings are a must for everyday athleisure. You need a pair of gray and black leggings. These go well with any long and loose shirt, and you can finish the look with a blazer or jacket and athletic sneakers.

Striped Tees

Striped t-shirts can add the needed pattern to your wardrobe. Find long-sleeved striped tees that cover your behind for a proportional look.

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