The Ethical Alternatives to Polyester Fast Fashion

Polyester has always been a staple of fast fashion and used to be seen as one of the best fabrics to make clothes out of. But consumers and manufacturers today know that polyester is actually one of the most harmful fabrics for the environment and its high usage in fast fashion is killing the planet.

So, here are some ethical alternatives to polyester that youcan opt for instead.

1. Organic or Recycled Cotton

Conventional cotton is a natural fiber that can be harvested from plants, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily sustainable. It is very harmful to the environment because of how much water it requires to be harvested. So, turn to organic or recycled cotton as an alternative instead.

Organic cotton does not contain the toxic chemicals that conventional cotton does, and its recycled form is the most ethical version of cotton that you could wear.

2. Natural Hemp

Hemp is a plant that has been grown in human societies for thousands of years. This ancient plant is one of the most sustainable ones because of how little water it requires to be harvested. Its production also doesn't require any toxic chemicals. Garment manufacturers are trying to incorporate more of this plant into their fabrics to stay sustainable.

3. Tencel

You've probably never heard of this one but Tencel is a fabric similar to Rayon, except way more sustainably produced. It is made from wood pulp and can be made without using any harmful chemicals or large amounts of water. Most of the materials used to produce Tencel can be recycled, making it one of the most ethical and sustainable fabrics around.

4. Organic Linen

Linen is famous for how light it is as a fabric and how light and airy clothes made from it are. Organic linen is ethical and sustainable because it is also made out of a plant called Flax. Its production requires very little water which also makes it a way better alternative to polyester or cotton.

Some neutral tone shirts neatly hanging on a rack

5. Peace or Ahimsa Silk

Since the most common form of silk is sourced from silkworms, we now have a more animal-friendly alternative called Peace Silk or Ahimsa Silk. Peace/Ahimsa Silk is made in almost exactly the same way that conventional silk is made, but it does not result in the harming or killing of any insects. It is an ethical, vegan, and sustainable alternative to conventional silk.

If you're looking for a reliable garment manufacturing company that can take your ethical fabric concerns on board, reach out to our team. We at Lefty Production Co. are a leading clothing manufacturer in LA, California and we believe in employing ethical and sustainable practices to bring you high-quality women's, men's, and children's clothing.

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