The Importance Of Customization In The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry today is vastly different from what it was just a few years ago. We have seen the business transform itself in the era of digitization, cutting-edge technological innovation, sustainability, and rapidly evolving customer needs and trends.

With a few clicks, an online shopper can input their measurements and style choices, and have technology do the rest.

Lately, fast fashion brands have emerged as the victors in the fashion game. Brands like H&M, Zara, and Top Shop are over and above legacy brands by miles (or billions of dollars).

One of the key reasons why fast fashion retailers have been able to stay on top of the industry, is because they cater to their fashion-conscious, Instagram-using consumer base with personalization and customization options.

How Mass Customization Works

AI tech has revolutionized the fashion industry. From automating fashion design to becoming the designer itself, tech is at the center of customization in fashion. So, what does the process look like?

Imagine Laura has her graduation ceremony coming up and wants a new dress. She adds in her measurements and preferences into the clothing brand’s app or website.

The AI tech incorporates her data input and analyzes her digital behavior, past e-commerce data, and trending styles.

Laura then uses augmented reality (AR) fitting room to see what different dress options will look like on her. After she selects the one she wants, a 3D platform renders the dress and tailors it to Laura’s measurements.

The dress is then assembled by robotic sewers and cutters. Sarah then receives her new dress by mail and attends her graduation ceremony looking exactly as she wanted.

Mass customization practices are about providing consumers with personalized fits and styles that are unique to their body types and style preferences. According to the Deloitte Consumer Review, over 50 percent of customers expressed interest in buying customized products and services in certain product categories. Moreover, 67 percent of fashion personalization brands said they would increase their spending to personalize apparel and footwear.

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