The Latest Handbag Trends and Styles

June 5, 2022

Fashion alert! Do you know what has the immense power and potential to make or break your outfit? Handbags!

Yes, you read that right. These carrier boxes don’t just have a practical use, but they’re one of the most iconic ways to lift up your fashion game fair and square. So, if you’re ready to start strutting the streets with fashion on your fingertips, don’t forget to look up some trending handbag looks to give you the ultimate edge this sunny season.

Don’t worry, we’ve made it easier for you.Keep reading to find out everything you need to know to become a handbag queen! 

A Bucket Bag for Your Bucket List

Behold the reign of bucket bags — they’re back. A notable look on the runway, it’s a practical and chic accessory to own. Don’t fall for its compact illusion either: this bag’s all spacious and roomy from the inside—Go shiny, bold, or neutral, the choice is all yours.

Glitzy Glamor with Party Bags

Did someone say party? Yes, you heard that right. Party bags are fun, shiny, and dolled up (and not just for parties). Elevate your neutral summer outfits with a bag that screams for attention. Go the metallic route, the glittery way, or embellished rhinestones to blow away everyone. You’ve got this.

two black handbags

Supersized Totes for Super Looks

Go big with supersized totes (especially if you love totes as much as we do). This way, you can stash your essentials,jackets, and accessories in one bag that will have your back for the rest of the day. Whether you choose summer textures, braided beauties, or simple quilted totes, you’ll not be disappointed.

Circled Silhouettes for a Modern Touch

If contemporary style is your thing, you can’t go wrong with curved lines: go with crescent shapes bags or half-moons to bring out the style guru in you. Inspired by the 90s, circled bags are chic enough to add a refined look to your outfit. If you’re a minimalist, you’ll be over the moon with this trend.

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