The Latest Trends in Men’s Fashion: 2020 Edition

The fashion landscape today has seen unprecedented changes.One of the more surprising ones is that men’s fashion is taking off in a monumental way.

Industry statistics indicate that it is men—not women—who are fashion’s biggest shopping demographic. Now that we’ve moved into the new decade, the trends in menswear are upon us.

Here are the latest 2020 trends in menswear.

Cross-Body Bags

If securing your belongings and being fashionable while doing it is something you could see yourself doing, cross-body bags offer the perfect solution. They’re stylish, small, and look fantastic. You could have your cross-body bag in a messenger style or something more small and neater. Of course, if you don’t prefer long straps, you can always adjust it to have it higher up and hugging your body. It’s both practical and street.

Monochromatic Suits

No, this doesn’t refer to a quintessential black suit. Black is timeless, yes, but it’s fashionable now to wear suits sporting colors across the palette. A monochromatic suit in a vivid color offers you the chance to enhance your silhouette without resorting to the classic black suit and white dress shirt.

Cuban Collar Shirts

Cuban collars are making a comeback, and now that summer’s almost upon us, you’ll see more and more of them. A Cuban collar is quite distinctive, and the shirt typically sports short sleeves for a cool and breezy style. They look even better when they have a bold print in bright and vivid shades of green, yellow, or blue. Pair a Cuban collar shirt with plain chinos and dark sunglasses to complete this fresh summer style.

Flared Pants

If nostalgia for the ‘70s and its unmistakable style is what gets you going, you’ll be happy to know that flares are back in a big way. Yes,the pants with the slim upper leg and billowing ankles are back in style so you can make a statement wherever you go. Pair them with a chest-hugging turtleneck or a slim-fitting top to make the bell bottom even more prominent than it already is. If that doesn’t appeal to you, consider pairing them with a regular T-shirt or even an oversized hoodie to keep it casual.

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