The New Casual: Rise of Athletic Fashion

June 25, 2022

Fashion trends come and go but athleisure is not a trend. Going for a sporty lifestyle is a common go-to practice for many. The athleisure wear industry is rapidly increasing — it was valued at USD 288.84 Billion in 2021 and is only forecasted to increase.

The fact is: athleisure is here to stay. Street style has changed drastically: women prefer crop tops,sports bras and leggings while men can be seen wearing hoodies, sweatpants, and sneakers.

It’s as if the world has just finished a workout session and is heading to a nearby coffee shop for brunch.

But why the rise? Because people like comfortable clothing and athletic fashion provides just that.

What is Athleisure Wear?

Athleisure wear is athletic clothing youc an wear outside of sporty settings. It’s casual clothing that’s great for exercising and general use. It’s not boring either: brands have worked hard to create comfy, stylish athleisure wear that can instantly enhance your look while offering functionality like odor resistance, sweat-wicking, and stretchy materials.

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Female Empowerment on the Rise

The rise of athleisure clothing also has to do with the advancements in technology. Thanks to innovations, we now have spandex that’s more durable, flexible, and washable than before.

Other than that, people have become more fitness conscious and this has made yoga pants a preferred choice for many.

And of course, the industry is now empowering women and making it acceptable to wear athletic casual clothing in social situations. Rihanna and Beyonce have played a huge part in it: in 2016,with help of Puma, they introduced athleisure for everyday wear.

Authentic and Inclusive

Today, it’s not the traditional athletic brands that are just ruling the world, it’s also new entrants that have brought forward client-centric athletic wear designs. They don’t advertise nor depend on celebrities to endorse them.

By helping women embrace their bodies,these brands have now become well-loved by their clients.

All they needed to do was be authentic and inclusive.

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