The Next Wave Of Consciousness: Why Does the Fashion Industry Need To Be Inclusive Of All Body Types?

Fashion is a bigger part of our lives than we realize. With tons of clothing companies popping up each year and people following fast fashion trends, consumerism and endless options, the arena has changed a lot.

Now, it’s not just a dream to dress like your favorite model, or some celebrity plastered on a billboard or magazine cover. With the easy accessibility of trends and fashion items and the billions of dollars consumers are spending each year, they’re entitled to feel noticed and catered to.

The fashion industry has seen a significant increase in plus-sized fashion and a demand for greater style choices for bigger bodies. Not just in terms of producing bigger sizes, but better fashion for bigger bodies, and actually having it represented on screen and in advertisements, the revolution is expansive.

Why it’s important to cater to different body types

If you thought plus-size fashion was a fad or a phase that would pass, think again. It’s very much here to stay; after decades of being overlooked and ignored, regular people want to be represented.

It’s a loss for brands and clothing manufacturers if they’re not moving toward a more inclusive direction. Here’s why:

It’s a huge market to tap into

Plus-sized and mid-sized clothing markets are huge. More than half of all U.S. women aged 18-65 wear size 14 or larger, which means a brand that doesn’t offer clothing items that are more inclusive in sizing is missing out.

Demands are Being Voiced

Not just that, but larger sized women are demanding styles, cuts, prints and colors that they have been deprived of for so long. The potential for retailers and apparel brands in Los Angeles and across America is huge. Thanks to movements across social media and other platforms, consumers are voicing their demands for better fashion choices. They’re not willing to settle for ill-fitting, boxy clothes made of bad fabric—they’re willing and able to spend on better fashion as long as companies provide it.

Inclusivity is the new cool

That’s right! It’s cool to be inclusive. Brands are competing to stay relevant and be inclusive, offering clothing for bigger bodies, differently-abled folk, transgender people who may need different fits than cisgender people and much more. If you’re not going to keep up, someone else will step in and meet that demand.

For clothing retailers and brands, it’s important to not isolate and alienate people through offered products. The change is here and it’s not going anywhere. For more consultation and production services for your garment manufacturing company, get in touch with us!

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