The Significance of CAD in Fashion Designing

April 26, 2019

The fashion design industry of today has reached new heights with the help of computer-aided designs, or CAD. CAD eliminates the need to make manual sketches. Everything happens right on the computer screen. Let’s take a look at the importance of CAD for fashion designing.

The Function of CAD

Computer-aided design software can help in creating blueprints and layout for a fashion collection. It takes care of the technical aspects of designing so that artists can focus more on the creative aspects. Streamlining the whole design process, CAD can help designers try out various combinations without as much trial-and-error and with time-efficiency.

The Benefits of CAD

From mass market fashion to haute couture, CAD can come in handy in various fields in the fashion design industry. Using CAD, designers can create designs faster and more precisely. CAD can also help adapt one design to various versions, aiding designers to create new pieces more easily.

CAD also helps designers create different variants of their designs by using different fabric swatches. Designers can view the designs both in 2D and 3D, making it easier to make alterations.

Not only does this help minimize basic errors and reduce time, it also helps cut down the costs as it lets designers create virtual variants of their finished designs without the need to purchase new material. This allows them the chance to work out whatever’s wrong with the design and work smarter in a shorter amount of time. CAD helps streamline the process from the initial design concept to the finished product.

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