The Ultimate Guide to Working with a Clothing Manufacturer

April 26, 2021

A significant portion of the world trade flows consists of the global textile and garment industry. In fact, clothing accounts for the majority of many developing and developed countries’ total exports today. As a result, more aspiring designers and creators are gravitating towards the fashion business.

Today, qualified clothing manufacturers cater to a wide range of small and large organizations, producing quality garments domestically and internationally. Companies with an established brand image and a comprehensive tech pack can collaborate with a CMT (Cut, Make, Trim) producers. In contrast, new and emerging fashion brands can opt for a Full Production Package (FPP).

Reliable women’s and men’s wear manufacturers today assist business owners throughout the production process, from designing styles and pattern making to producing the final garments.

Read on to learn how you can efficiently work with a clothing manufacturer.

Creating a Tech Pack

Every clothing line has a vision behind it that inspires the creator to develop those ideas into a fashion brand. While this initial concept helps in designing, a clothing manufacturer requires a comprehensive tech pack instead of a basic outline. It enables the producer to identify all the tiny details of the design to make the finished product.

Your tech pack should have as much information as possible and highlight essential guidelines, including colors, fabric type, measurements, and patterns. Providing your clothing manufacturer with an elaborate tech pack is the first step to ensure minimal production process errors.

Understanding MOQs

Most clothing manufacturers need to determine Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements before they can move forward with the designs.

It’s critical to determine the number of garments you require for every design. Consider the consumer demands for specific sizes and styles when deciding the order quantities during the planning process.

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Creating Samples

Your design samples are helpful throughout the production process. You’ll need them from the initial research and planning stage till the final production. They’re critical for ensuring your clothes represent your brand adequately, and their quality is according to your consumers’ expectations.

Furthermore, clothing manufacturers use the final samples in the production phase before committing to your designs’ final run. Discuss the additional charges for sample production with your supplier. Remember that a sample production cost can sometimes be higher than your finished product.

Discussing Production Timeframes

A clear communication line with your clothing manufacturer is essential for ensuring that your order is delivered within the designated time frame without disrupting your sales. A reliable clothing manufacturer will guarantee that your business never runs out of stock, and everything goes according to the plan.

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Discussing production timeframes for each order is essential to avoid missed deadlines.

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