Top Ways To Promote Your New Fashion Line on Social Media

May 15, 2019

Social media opens up all kinds of doors when it comes to promoting your fashion brand online. While some brands have cracked the code on how to get the most out of social media, there are many that can still use a little inspiration.

We’ve narrowed down some of our favorite tips to promote fashion lines on social media.

Check them out:

1. Get Your Followers Involved

The most effective social media strategies are the ones that stimulate user-activity. It doesn’t matter how great your social media pages look, if they don’t generate responses from users they’re not going to have a sufficient impact on your ROI.

Engage your followers by running activities that trigger responses.

For example, you can ask your followers to vote for their favorite look of the season. Use this opportunity to present your best looks and shed light on your new collection. Enter the followers of the most-voted outfit into a sweepstake for a prize or a gift card.

2. Run A Promotion During Holiday Seasons

During the holiday season, customers are looking to take advantage of deals; it’s the perfect opportunity to entice them with special discounts and draw traffic to your website.

Take a page from The Ellen Show and run a 12 days of Christmas activity! You can send an email to your subscribers each day and share a special discount code with them. Focus on dresses one day, shoes the other, accessories the day after, and so on.

Even if your followers don’t want to the use the discounts for themselves, they can share them with their friends.

3. Create a Style Guide

Establish yourself as an expert in your followers’ eyes. Create and share style guides on your social media pages and your website. Show them the many ways they can wear your items.

You can create style guides for every season as well as special occasions like proms, weddings, Valentine’s Day, etc.

What’s even better is when you can get your followers involved and ask them to show off their looks with your clothing items. Run a competition in which you ask your followers to submit photos of their best looks with your items and ask the others to vote. Give the winner a special discount or gift card.

4. Run an Instagram Giveaway

Instagram is the most effective social media marketing platform for fashion brands. Arrange Instagram giveaways and ask your followers to write comments explaining why they should win, and ask them to tag 3 of their friends. Don’t forget to use branded hashtags! This will grow your followers on Instagram and boost brand awareness.

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