Top Women’s Fashion Trends To Look Forward To In 2022

After lounging around in pajamas for about two years, we can finally look forward to 2022’s fashion trends.

As a designer, you’re probably brimming with exciting ideas for all the pieces you want to design, wear and see on the runway—but take a deep breath and get ready to get inspired.

After muted tones and baggy styles, here are the women’s fashion trends to inspire your sketches this year.

Bright Monotones To Dazzle Them All

Gone are the days of minimalism and neutral tones; 2022 is all about bright colors and top-to-toe colored extravaganzas.

More is finally more, and your fashion line can show that with bright colors. Used to statement purses, shoes, and belts? Now you can design outfits that are a statement in themselves.

From fuchsia pinks to a bright yellow or orange, don’t be afraid to go all-out with your color choices.

Lots of Sparkle and Sequins

In the past, we’ve restricted ourselves to using sequins only in holiday lines and for outfits for events like award shows and Coachella. But not anymore. Sequins and shimmery accessories are all the rage this year, so feel free to spark it all up!

Winter is almost gone anyway, and it’s time to bundle up the dull woolen greys and blues and swap them with sparkly minis and sequined two-pieces to offer something chic to your customers.

Pro Tip: Coachella is just around the corner; get ready to be inspired, especially if you’re wondering what to do with all that sequins.

Sexy Cut-Outs

Cutouts are finally more than just a ramp-only trend. Celebrities have been rocking them on the red carpets—no reason for you to keep them away from your collection.

You don’t have to go all out and make them super risky, but a subtle cutout could still look pretty impressive. A slash here and a little skin there for a more revealing and sassier look is definitely a great idea.

Mix it up with the sequins trend, and you’ll have yourself an incredible range of high-end designer-like outfits.

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