Unraveling the Process of Garment Production: A Step by Step Guide

 Garment production consists of multiple steps. Leading fast-fashion brands have the resources to produce hundreds and thousands of items of clothing within a few weeks once designs have been approved. For smaller brands, producing garments takes a little bit longer.

Here’s a step-by step guide to garment production:

1. Pre-Production

Pre-production consist of fabric and trim sourcing, fabric development, pattern making and sampling.

Fabric and Trim Sourcing

After the designs have been finalized, the garment manufacturer will help source the fabric needed to bring them to life. Experienced garment manufacturers have a list of trusted textile manufacturers that can sell a variety of materials.

Pattern Making

Pattern makers have the technical expertise to break down the designs into 2D pieces. They use advanced software to break out the components of a garment.


Samples are the prototype of a creation.  They are sewn individually and used to test the garment in case any pattern adjustments are necessary.

2. Production Planning

The production planner in the garment factory will schedule all activities in advance. The planning team will ensure that all activities are completed on time. As the batch is being produced, the team will fill out the details on a time and action calendar.

3. Cutting Process

Fabric is by far the most expensive item when it comes to garment manufacturing. Garment manufacturers have the responsibility to make sure that the purchased fabric is being utilized fully. The pattern makers and the cutters on the floor have to ensure that there is minimum wastage when cutting fabric.

Modern garment manufacturers like Lefty Production Co. use laser-cutting for greater efficiency and to prevent wastage.

4. Manufacturing and Quality Control

The amount of time needed to manufacture the items in your line will depend on the complexity of the designs; the more complicated the design, the longer it will take to manufacture.

The garment manufacturer will carry out quality checks during the manufacturing process and report to the fashion house. Quality checks are needed to catch and fix errors in a timely manner.

Once production is completed, your company will be given time to review the pieces and check for quality. You have the right to reject items and send them back to the factory if they don’t meet your standards and demand replacements.

5. Delivery

After the items have been reviewed by the fashion company, the rest of the order will be delivered to your warehouses.

As a leading apparel manufacturers in Los Angeles, Lefty Production Co. is able to produce and deliver small to medium batch orders to local fashion businesses in a shorter time frame than international manufacturers.

We don’t have minimum order quantities so you can produce apparel without worrying about increasing inventory costs.

Our services consist of sourcing and design, pattern making, laser cutting, production, packaging, and marketing and consulting.

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