Vegan Leather: A Sustainable Substitute in Fashion

May 10, 2023

Do you like to stay on top of your fashion game and wow people wherever you go? Do you prefer sustainable fashion practices and don’t like it when you have to retire a staple too soon? Do you frown upon animal cruelty and love, love, love products that are eco-friendly?

If you nodded yes to any of these questions, rejoice because we have the perfect substitute for your genuine leather needs: vegan leather.


Are Faux and Vegan Leather the Same?

Yes, vegan leather is known by multiple names, such as faux or synthetic leather. Made using eco-friendly materials, vegan leather has created ripples among the fashionista crowd — and for the right reasons. From agricultural waste products to polyurethane and pineapple fiber, vegan leather is made using several recyclable materials.

Should You Ditch Genuine Leather For It?

The question here is, is animal cruelty something that doesn’t make you bat an eyelid? Even leading fashion brands, such as Kat Von D, have taken sustainability and waste reduction into consideration for their luxury lines.

While wearing fur, like genuine leather, was considered a fashion statement in the past, people gradually realized the reality of the staple. Genuine leather seems to be going down the same path, and people are starting to accept synthetic leather instead. All in all, ditching the former in favor of the latter seems like a smart decision to us.


A brown vegan leather card holder against a blurry background

Is the Hype Worth It?

Let us start by saying no animals are hurt in the making of vegan leather. If this reason alone doesn’t bring you to a halt and makes you reconsider your leather splurging habit, we don’t know what will. Vegan leather is not only an animal-friendly substitute, but it is also affordable and doesn’t harm the environment. All in all, synthetic leather is a fine replacement for genuine leather and is worth the rage.

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