Wedding Dress Predictions to Look Out for in 2019

February 22, 2019

Wedding dress trends change year after year as designers find new inspiration. In addition to changing trends, modern brides are also looking to infuse their personalities into their wedding gowns to create something made just for them.

Getting married in 2019? Here are some awesome wedding dress trends to look out for this year.

1. 3D Neck Lace

Texture and 3D Lace continue to be a favorite amongst brides. In 2019, lacey floral designs are expected to be very popular for Spring and Summer weddings to add to the romantic vibe of the day.

2. Corsets

Corsets are making a strong comeback this wedding season. Brides looking to have their fairytale princess moment can opt for corset dresses with a big puffy skirt. Those who want something more sensuous can add a feminine twist and choose a corset with a flowy mermaid bottom.

3. Lace Necklines


Classic high necklines adorned with intricate lace motifs are another popular trend this season. Inspired by last year’s Victorian trend, laced necklines provide that regal touch with a modern twist. Wear your hair up and show off your fancy neckline!

4. Bows

Rock bows on your wedding dress! Incorporate large elegant bows on your off-shoulder sleeves to add some drama to an otherwise simple dress or add a big bow around the waist of your princess gown.

5. Jumpsuits

Who says you need to wear a dress on your wedding day?! Be an unconventional bride and wear a jumpsuit instead! In recent years, we’ve seen brides add a personal touch to their wedding ensemble by choosing to wear a color other than white or not wearing a dress at all.

We’ve seen brides be more practical in the last few years. Compared to dresses, jumpsuits are a lot more affordable and comfortable.

6. Capes

Regal capes have become an elegant replacement of the classic veil. If you’ve gone for a fairly simple bridal dress, see what it looks like with a long lace cape that stretches from your shoulders and spreads onto the ground. It’s perfect for a dramatic walk to the altar!

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