What Colors are in Style for Spring/Summer 2022?

May 10, 2022

Spring is here,and summer is on its way, and they bring whole new seasons of fashion. A lot of people do not know that color trends change with each season, just like fashion trends do. This gets reflected in runways across the world.

If you have been a little intimidated by color in the past and want to get the right products to your target market this time around, then this is your year to try something new! Don't worry about getting it wrong; there aren't any rules when it comes to color unless you are targeting corporate America where they tell you what color tie or blouse to wear.


If you would like to try out one color, then starting with a lighter shade of pink would be perfect. Pink was everywhere last year, from lipsticks to dresses, and is expected to continue this Spring/Summer season. While, in the past, we mightnot have worn too much pink for fear of looking a little bit tacky, this spring,it seems that the brighter and bolder the tone of pink you choose, the better.A pink bag or shoe is a great way to inject a color pop into your outfit without having to fully commit to an all-over look.


Whether it's white or black, grey or brown — these colors never go out of style and are timeless.Neutral colors add an element of sophistication to any outfit, and they can make you look taller and slimmer. They also cost less than bright colors so you can buy more of them!


Green is another that might be big this spring and summer. It's a color that makes people feel optimistic. You'll find it in everything from dresses to shoes and even bags, so it's worth adding at least one piece of green clothing to your wardrobe before the warmer months arrive.

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