What Is Digital Marking, And How Does It Make A Brand Eco-Friendly?

May 4, 2023

The fashion industry is slowly waking up to the damage that textile manufacturing and consumption has had on the planet. Many fashion houses and manufacturers are moving toward sustainable fashion by adopting the life cycle assessment (LCA) method. Life cycle assessment studies the environmental impact of each part of a garment’s lifecycle until it is discarded.

One of the ways brands practice sustainable fashion is through digital marking. This blog will discuss how digital marking promotes eco-friendly fashion.

What Is Marking?

Marking is a procedure in garment production that involves fitting the maximum number of patterns in a piece of fabric to ensure the material is used up as efficiently as possible. The goal is to use as little fabric as possible since raw fabric is one of the main costs for designers and manufacturers. For example, activewear apparel manufacturers that use recycled polyester bear huge costs in sourcing the material.


How Is Digital Marking Changing The Fashion Industry?

Digital marking takes the manual fitting of patterns on fabric to the computer, which provides advanced solutions to marking problems faster and more efficiently than manual marking. In conventional marking, the fabric has to be marked and spread by hand with patterns drawn for every fit individually.

Waste Reduction

By eliminating human errors in grading, digital marking can minimize fabric wastage. Producing fabric has an impact on the environment, as 20% of the world’s clean water resources are used in textile production.

Brands can adopt sustainable fashion with digital marking by using fewer textiles for garment manufacturing. As more and more manufacturers adopt the technique in their system, the weight on resources for textile production will fall.

Saving Cost

Since one of the highest costs for a manufacturer goes into sourcing the fabric, it can cut costs by saving as much fabric as possible. Instead, the capital can go into buying sustainable fabric, which is more expensive because of its recyclability.

Sourcing fabric from ethical sources and using technology to manufacture clothes minimizes fashion’s impact on the environment.

We are a swimwear, athletic wear, and women’s clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles that connects you to ethical suppliers for fabric sourcing and use computer-aided design to cut down waste. If you want to launch a sustainable fashion line using eco-friendly fabric and digital production methods to avoid waste, get in touch with fashion manufacturers.

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