What Is Fabric Relaxing And Why Is It Used In Garment Production?

June 23, 2023

The manufacturing of clothes is not a small task. If anything, raw materials have to be processed in different stages to arrive at the final product that is sold in the market. It is a reasonable claim that fabrics go through a lot during manufacturing. However, they need to maintain their structural integrity throughout manufacturing and after it when they are in the hands of the consumers who expect a long-lasting product.

This is where fabric relaxing comes in. What is it and how does it help in garment manufacturing? We discuss it in this blog.


What Is Fabric Relaxing?

When a fabric is manufactured in a textile mill, it is sold to the manufacturer in a roll-up to save space and prevent stains or damage to threads. Once it arrives at the manufacturer’s, it has to be taken out of the roll to keep its structural integrity for manufacturing.  

This is an important part of the production since a misshaped fabric is hard to mark, cut, and sample. Not to mention, the resulting product also loses its aesthetic appeal. The total time for fabric relaxing depends on the type of fabric but the average duration is between 24 and 48 hours. Women’s clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles avoid sending fabric into production before this process.


Uses In Garment Production

Since the relaxation process is a mandatory part of garment production for many manufacturers, it has exact purposes to serve in production.  The next sections discuss its uses.

Fabric Quality

To retain the integrity of the textile, it needs to be unrolled. Rolled-up textile is only useful during transportation to the manufacturer and in storage. Fabric relaxing ensures that the dimensions of the textile remain stable, a metric that is affected by the strong and tense rolled-up structure it is bound to during transportation.

Avoiding Wastage


Colorful textile samples

When textiles are rolled-up for a long time, they tend to shrink. Relaxing helps them stretch back to their original shape before they go into production. Shrunk textiles are not only uncomfortable to wear, but they also need to be used in excess to make up for the loss of size. Fabric relaxing helps reduce wasting textiles by ensuring only the necessary dimensions are cut and used for garment manufacturing.

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