What Should I Know About Pattern Grading in the Garment Industry?

January 4, 2023

Pattern grading is an increasingly-popular method in the fashion industry as several large, and small-scaled clothing companies use pattern grading in garment manufacturing. Pattern grading refers to a process that turns a base or sample size into clothes in smaller or larger sizes. In pattern grading, men’s and women’s garment manufacturers use different sheets that specify the sizes. This allows fashion designers to create clothes in all sizes without redesigning and reshaping an outfit from scratch.


This blog discusses all you need to know about the use of pattern grading in the garment industry.

A fashion designer standing in front of clothes re-sized through pattern grading


Types of Pattern Grading

Pattern grading started getting popular after the mass production of clothing trends in the 19th century. Ever since then, different brands have used various types of pattern grading to create clothes for people of all sizes. Here are some different types of pattern grading that fashion designers need to know.

Cut and Spread

Cut and spread is the most commonly-used pattern grading method for a reason! This technique is quick and efficient, and fashion designers only have to cut the pattern and increase or decrease the size by spreading the pieces in a particular manner. Even though garment manufacturers only need scissors, measurement tools like rulers, and pencils for this pattern-grading method, you need a lot of practice and knowledge to get this pattern-grading method right.

Pattern Shifting

Even though pattern shifting is less popular than the conventional cut-and-spread method, this technique also makes things easier for fashion designers who want to launch clothing lines with garments of all sizes. In this method, a fashion designer redraws the outline of a design to create a larger or smaller design. This method is all about increasing or decreasing the size of the pattern at the same distance.

How does Technology Help with Pattern Grading?

Many internationally-recognized brands use pattern grading to launch clothing lines for people of all shapes and sizes. But instead of sticking to conventional methods, they integrate pattern grading with technology. Different software applications can help fashion entrepreneurs digitize pattern grading, which has made the entire process quicker and more efficient.

Why is Pattern Grading Important in the Current Fashion World?

Fashion brands are looking for ways to make their outfits more inclusive. One of the best methods to create an all-inclusive fashion brand is to launch clothes that fit all body types. Pattern grading allows brands to follow a hassle-free technique and design garments for everyone. This allows brands to target a higher number of customers.

Material used in pattern grading in the garment industry

Want to Try Pattern Grading in the Garment Industry? Get Started Today

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