What to Consider Before Hiring a Professional Designer?

The current fashion industry is extremely competitive when it comes to retaining consumer attention. Your clothing brand needs good fashion designers and manufacturers to create attractive designs. But hiring a fashion designer with keen eyes and skills is easier said than done. Moreover, most start-ups don’t know what they need and end up frustrated with little or no results.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some things you should know before hiring a professional designer.

Create a Design Binder

Fashion designers can't read your mind. They won't know the story behind your company or the message you want to convey unless you tell them. So, compile the details your designer should know into a binder.

The binder should have:

1. A description of your products and services

2. A brief history of the brand and its values

3. The story and message you want to convey with your designs

4. Your target markets

5. Future goals

This will be helpful for your designer to understand the vision your brand wants to convey.

Ask the Designer for a Tech Pack

A tech pack is a sample or a worksheet to help assess a designer’s ability. You can evaluate if the designer is suitable for your brand’s needs by seeing their portfolio. You can request the designer to produce a sample of your choice or let them produce an example on their own. If you want a professional designer for something specific, it’s better to ask the designer to produce samples of that particular design.

Getting a tech pack is a better option than interviewing your candidates because you won’t know the designer’s skills unless you work with them.

Check If They're Up To Date with the Latest Trends of The Industry

You have to hire a designer who is up to date with the trends and latest happenings of the industry. The fashion industry is ever-changing and any design or trend can be out of style in the blink of an eye. So, hiring someone who won't keep up with design trends can curtail your brand's marketability. When you interview a designer, ask questions about the general trends in the industry to be sure.

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Ask About Their Work Experience

You must ask your designer about their past work experience to understand what they're capable of. The samples will give an insight into their craft but you also need to know how good they are with deadlines and how they work in a team. Moreover, you need to know about the quality of their past work experience.

Your brand most likely needs an experienced designer with expertise in the field so evaluate if the candidate can fill those shoes.

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