What to Look for While Choosing the Perfect Fabric for Your Clothing Line

Designing a clothing line includes a lot of work as you have to figure out everything from the initial concepts to the finer details. Moreover, you also have to find your brand’s identity and ensure your designs set you apart from others in the market.

Fabric is undoubtedly one of the vital components of any garment. That's because the designs would be lackluster at best without the right fabric.

That's why we'll discuss what to look for when choosing the right fabric for your clothing line.

Fabric Concerns

Your brand’s identity depends on your concerns for the products, environment, etc. For example, if you're an eco-friendly brand, you'd want to create products that define your brand's stance. That's why you should avoid synthetics. That's because these synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester are non-biodegradable and harm the environment in the long run.

Your Vision

You need to check if the fabric fits the vision of your brand. For example, athleisure brands have completely different fabric requirements from eveningwear brands.

So, if your brand focuses on luxury, you should choose fabrics like silk and cashmere. Meanwhile, cotton is ideal for affordable, fast fashion.

The Fabric’s Weight

Did you know that the fabric's thickness can significantly impact your designs? That's why you must decide if you want light-weight, medium-weight, or heavy-weight fabrics for your clothing line.

Heavy-weight fabrics include twill, wool felt, and denim. On the other hand, light-weight fabrics are organza, chiffon, and voile. And medium-weight fabrics are cambric, velvet, and sateen.

The Fabric’s Functionality

Your vision of your clothing line plays a huge role in your functionality. For example, if you want your clothing line to be activewear or associated with physical activities, you have to use durable fabrics. In comparison, if your brand or clothing line is more associated with eveningwear, you need completely different fabric with different specifications.

Type of Fabric Construction

A crucial component of your designing process is knowing what type of fabric you want for your designs.

The two most common types are woven or knitted fabrics.

Woven fabrics are made on a handloom and require two or more sets of yarns interwoven at right angles. These fabrics are strong, especially if the thread count is higher. They’re also resistant to damage and abrasion.

The simple sub-types of woven fabric include twill and satin meanwhile jacquard is a complex sub-type.

a model for clothing brand

Knitted fabrics are however more lightweight options that don’t need as much maintenance. They’re also a popular choice because they don’t wrinkle easily.

Moreover, they're soft and comfortable and ideal for clothing items like tops, pants, and even undergarments. Additionally, these knitted fabrics are also used for athleisure because they have elastic properties.

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