Which Is Better — Traditional One-Piece or Complex Swimwear Manufacturing?

August 14, 2022

Current swimwear trends are anything but traditional. With ribbed bikinis, cutout one-pieces, ruches, ruffles, and frills, designers and manufacturers have created new possibilities for swimsuit manufacturers in Los Angeles.

Lefty Production Co. loves diverse trends, and we love the diversity in design even more. However, in an industry as competitive as fashion, it can make it difficult for clothing manufacturers to know which direction to take. If you're considering hiring a professional designer for your business, check out our blog post about why that's a good idea.

If you find your design and manufacturing company struggling to juggle trends without a dip in quality, here are some pointers from us to you about choosing between traditional and complex:

Available Resources

Do an honest evaluation of your resources as a swimwear and bikini manufacturer. Are they advanced and reliable enough to produce the more complex pieces? If so, could the projected production rate keep gross profit margins up? If not, you can partner with a collaborator with access to technology like laser cutting, which would be perfect for creating cutouts.

Otherwise, it's better to create simple products with a high-quality finish. Highly-stylized pieces that look hastily made don't work for men's and women's wear manufacturers, and they won't work for beachwear.

Rate of Production

If you follow complex trends, you'll need to adopt more than one style. While some consumers love the ribbed look, it's unwise to have stock consisting of a singular style, especially when vogue is a moving target.

It would be prudent to pick up a few designs and not produce more than you're sure you can sell.


This is where the distinction between beachwear, swimwear, and serious swimwear comes in. If your target market is serious swimmers, then that doesn't necessarily mean you should throw out the design element but only adopt styles that don't interfere with functionality.

Bikinis and swimsuits with ruffles might also be difficult to swim (casually) in, but they make a great beach look.


Will adding more styles to your design and manufacturing process affect the prices of your products? Can your target market keep up with those changes? If part of your unique selling point as a clothing manufacturer is affordability, then it makes little sense to sacrifice that to follow a trend.


When you enter the world of edgy designs, you compete with professional designers. This is why it would be prudent to undertake complex production, only if you're able to hire one who can be of value to a swimwear manufacturer.

Model for swimwear and bikini manufacturer in Los Angeles

Lefty Production Co. works to support clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles regardless of size. Fashion has always been highly competitive, and new voices often become the collateral damage of shifting expectations and consumer needs.

By collaborating with enterprises in which they see potential, they can guide and aid them in sidestepping the pitfalls that often end commercial ventures in fashion. This includes women's garments, activewear manufacturing, baby clothing manufacturers, and even dog bed cover manufacturers.

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