Why Consumers Value Clothing Made in the USA

May 20, 2019

We’re witnessing a shift in consumer attitude when it comes to purchasing certain products. Recent studies show that Americans place greater value on goods produced locally than those that are manufactured overseas.

Although there are consumers that are genuinely passionate about bringing back jobs to the country, there are other reasons for why consumers still value clothing made in the USA.

Let’s take a look some reasons in detail:

1. Preference for Unique Items

Customers have a clear preference for unique goods that are customized to their needs over those that are mass-produced and can be bought by everyone. While it’s not feasible for fashion brands to customize each clothing item to every customer, producing small quantities  provides some exclusivity as opposed to goods that are mass-produced.

Fashion is one of those categories which consumers don’t mind spending on. Since it has a direct impact on their sense of self, many consumers actually find it rewarding when they invest in expensive clothing items.

2. Better Quality

Mass produced items have a reputation for lower quality. In order to drive down prices, fast-fashion brands often opt for cheap materials that wear out easily and only last a few washes.

Marketing studies have found that today’s customers are willing to pay for premium products provided that they deliver on quality. They understand that high quality products will last them longer and may even be cheaper for them in the long-run.

3. Preference for Eco/Ethical Fashion

As awareness about the harmful effects of fast-fashion spreads, consumers are becoming more conscious about how and where their clothes were made.

Even brands like Nike couldn’t escape the wrath of angry customers when they first learned of the sweatshops where Nike’s goods were manufactured.

In the social media era, brands can’t afford the negative publicity caused by unfair treatment of their workers as well as the environment.

Consumers know that brands that produce locally have to abide by strict environmental and labor laws. They can rest assured that the workers who made their products are being paid fair wages and that the company isn’t dumping gallons of the chemical waste into the waterways.

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