Why More Lingerie Brands Need to Embrace Body Positivity

February 18, 2019

Once the leader of the lingerie industry, Victoria’s Secret is now fighting to maintain its position in the market.  For a few years now, the brand’s sales have been on a continuous decline as it struggles to keep up with consumers’ shifting demands.

Although Victoria’s Secret remains the top lingerie brand in the country, its market share is being challenged by new competitors who’re sending a very different message — one of body positivity.

For decades, Victoria Secret was represented by beautiful “Angels” who all happen to look the same — they have perfectly toned bodies with big busts. The problem is that only a tiny segment of women actually have the slim and sleek bodies of a Victoria’s Angel.

More than 68% of American women wear a size 14 or above and brands like Victoria’s Secret simply don’t cater to these women.

The New “Sexy” 

Victoria’s Secret was launched in the 1970s when it took advantage of the ongoing feminist movement and encouraged women to embrace their sexuality. However, the lack of diversity in their line made it very clear that it was catering to the needs of men rather than women.

Time and again, the brand sacrificed comfort for sex appeal — something that just doesn’t appeal to the modern woman.

New lingerie brands are redefining what classes as “sexy.” Sexy is no longer limited to tall and thin women; it’s now about self-acceptance!

The movement is fueled by inspiring women who claim that being comfortable in your own skin and embracing your body is sexy.

Body Positive Lingerie

New lingerie brands are offering lines that prioritize comfort and are challenging traditional definitions of what it means to be beautiful.

They’ve scrapped underwires and excessive padding for bralettes and sports bras that comfortably fit women of all sizes.

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