Why Quality Fashion Manufacturing is Vital?

When it comes to fashion manufacturing, quality is king. The standard quality of clothing is assessed by its design and material. There’s no way around it. In fact, it’s easy to tell quality manufacturing because of its impeccable craftsmanship and detail to design. That’s why maintaining quality in the fashion industry is important for any fashion line to succeed.

What Is Quality?

The word quality is thrown around a lot by most sellers and brands. It's common to hear words like 'high-quality' in the fashion industry, but what does it mean? Most people assume that quality is related to how expensive an apparel item is. However, that’s far from the truth. The price of cloth does not mean it'll be more durable or better crafted. You can only tell the quality of a garment by the fabric and other materials used in the manufacturing process.

How Do You Measure Quality?

So, what should you measure when it comes to quality?

1. The design of the apparel

2. The stitching of the garment

3. The quality of its fiber and materials

4. Quality of the yarn used

5. Quality of the dyes used

6. The cutting technique

7. Accessories on the garment, like buckles or zippers

Why Is Quality Fabric Important

The biggest advantage of wearing high-quality clothing is that it’s more durable than mediocre clothing items. Quality clothes are durable because they’re made from excellent fabric and high-standard quality control manufacturing processes. Good fabric is less likely to tear or have its stitching come apart.

Since quality clothes are durable, they’ll also last the consumer longer. In comparison, mediocre quality clothes tend to fade and come apart over time.

Moreover, quality fabrics are also comfortable for consumers. Quality fabrics like silk or fleece are made with extreme care so they're less likely to itch the skin, stretch, or deteriorate after washing.

Why Quality Craftsmanship Is Important

Quality fashion products are made with attention to detail and workmanship. That means such clothes are more likely to fit a body perfectly. They’re also more likely to retain the fitting much longer than mediocre quality clothing.

What Are the Risks for Your Brand?

So quality is not just to ensure you deliver the best product to your consumers (though that's definitely a vital part of it), but if the quality is not ensured, your products can be rejected or recalled. That could further lower your brand's value and lead to a loss of loyal consumers.

Moreover, like a domino effect, you'll have employees who lack motivation because they don't want to be blamed for the lack of quality. Demotivated employees also means a delay in production. You'll have to apply external quality control services, leading to extra expenses.

How to Maintain Quality Control?

As a serious clothing brand, quality should be your first priority. To assure this, you have to rely on quality control. Quality control is a system that works in every stage of the process to meet buyers’ requirements and create brand value.


Your brand can assure quality control either by applying it post-production to curtail faulty products in the manufactured products or step-by-step in the process to ensure excellence.

At Lefty Production Co., we know how to work across all stages of production, ensuring quality. We’ll help you successfully launch your fashion line with our top-class manufacturing.

No matter what you're looking to produce, we can help you produce women’s wear, men’s garments, lingerie design, and athleisure wear manufacturers in Los Angeles. Our services also extend to home textiles.

Contact us to ensure quality.

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