Why Sustainable Fashion Is More Profitable

December 2, 2020

Sustainability is the way forward — especially in fashion. You might have seen global fashion brands like Zara declaring that its collections will be a 100% sustainable by 2025. You heard that right! Fashion has taken a turn for the better. And we owe it all to our clients!

Research has found that Gen Z (i.e., 16-22-year-olds in this study) is highly willing to pay nearly 10–20% premiums for sustainable fashion. You can probably connect the dots to what that means for a company’s future if it decides to invest in ‘green fashion.’

So, where do we start? Ideally, a change in the brand’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) behavior should be the first step if it’s not happening already.

How is sustainability becoming fashionable?

Well, for one thing, the fashion industry is said to be one of the most wasteful industries in the world. That’s statistics talking, not us! Millennials are more concerned with how a company contributes to the environment than the latest edition of Nike’s that rolled out. Since they’re more connected to social and global problems, their priorities have changed. And if you think start-ups are left out of this wave of concern for the environment, think again.

But what does that mean for profitability? Can mission-driven companies get away with charging a premium for sustainable fashion? That would be a yes. The same study found that consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly pieces when comparing mission-driven companies to profit-driven ones.

Why is sustainable fashion important for your clothing brand?

Every business has objectives in place, but what your brand and any non-fashion brand have in common is developing trust between the company and the clients. Consumers want to feel that they can rely on your products to stay loyal to you. If a company uses toxic chemicals to dye fabrics or workers are working in unfair working conditions, how far do you think that business will go in the long-run?

A boy in children’s wear holding a recycling box

How do we do it right?

Does that mean perfection is expected from you in becoming environmentally conscious? Not necessarily. For the most part, consumers want to see that you are making an effort to care for the environment. After all, this is our planet, and to live in, it means to take care of it, just the same.

Research also showed that 42% of consumers in the United States expect sustainable fabrics to include more than 50% recycled material.

What does that mean for your clothing brand?

Simply this: an overnight change is not required; your brand can undergo a gradual transformation in your clothing lines. As long as it does, because sustainability is no longer a choice, it has rightfully so become crucial to a company’s success.

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