Why Tennis Fashion Will Never Go Out Of Style

July 13, 2023

Tennis apparel holds a timeless allure that transcends trends and generations thanks to the movies, popular athletes, pandemic, and enduring popularity of the sport.

A Look At Hollywood’s Love For Tennis Apparel

Media, including movies and Tv shows, influence even those of us who are not movie buffs. As early as the 1950s  ̶  the Golden Age of Hollywood  ̶  we saw queer icon Farley Granger wearing a classic white tennis outfit in Strangers On A Train (1951), featuring a collared polo shirt and shorts. This look later became synonymous with the image of a sophisticated tennis player.

Tennis apparel remained in fashion throughout the decades and found its way into the wardrobes of iconic modern fashionistas such as Charlotte York from Sex And The City (1998) and Blair Waldorf from the popular teen show Gossip Girl (2007).  

A person in an orange mini skirt swinging a tennis racket.

Such representation of tennis in pop culture storylines and character portrayals highlights the sport's aesthetic influence on fashion. It contributes to the visibility and representation of tennis apparel in different decades of visual media.

Role Models Turned Style Icons

Much similar to how Nike has become a household name because of its strategic partnerships and endorsements with iconic athletes, tennis apparel has found its appeal amongst sports enthusiasts through role models like Serena Williams and Roger Federer.

Tennis legends like the ones mentioned above have made bold choices with their on-and-off-court style that has brought them in the news for more than the matches they win. Additionally, many tennis players have collaborated with renowned fashion designers to create exclusive tennis collections.

For example, Maria Sharapova collaborated with Nike to launch her line of tennis apparel, blending her style with functional sportswear. These collaborations have brought a fresh and fashion-forward perspective to tennis fashion.

Pandemic Revival

A few months into the pandemic, people started meeting outdoors and, with the closure of gyms, sought out other activities to keep them in shape. The tennis court became a social spot for many people in Los Angeles during Covid-19.


Alongside, with people spending more time at home and engaging in socially distanced activities, there was an increased demand for comfortable and versatile clothing. This shift towards athleisure and casual wear influenced tennis apparel as well. Tennis brands started incorporating relaxed and comfortable designs into their collections, blending the line between sportswear and everyday wear.

From the classic white attire of Wimbledon to the bold and expressive choices of today's athletes, tennis fashion continues to captivate and inspire. At Lefty Production Co., we understand the significance of tennis fashion as an apparel manufacturers. We work with designers as athleisure and fashion manufacturers in Los Angeles to create high-quality and seamless clothes meant to last a lifetime. Schedule an appointment with our associates today!


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