Why You Should Hire a Professional Pattern Maker

August 19, 2019

Fashion designers are amazing and creating beautiful garments, but they don’t always consider how simply they can be brought to life; this is especially true for goods that are intended to be sold at contemporary prices. Luxury items are sold at higher prices so designers can take more liberties when it comes to design.Fashion designers working for brands that produce large batches have to make economical designs that are easy to cut out and limit waste at the same time.

How do they do this? They work with pattern makers!

What Are Pattern Makers?

Pattern makers have the tough task to make the designer’s vision a reality. They have to break the design into pieces that can be easily cut out from a large piece of cloth without taking up too much time and creating excessive waste. Their measurements determine the ultimate fit of the piece, so precision is extremely important in pattern making.  

Pattern makers are technical creatives; they know the properties of fabrics and how easy or difficult they are to cut and sew.

Why Patterns Are Essential in Clothing Manufacturing

Patterns are used to create the first sample of a clothing item. The sample will then be used as a point of reference for all other items. Once the designer is happy with the sample, the pattern shape is used to cut the pieces for all the items.

Any sort of trouble with the pattern will cause major setbacks and can cost a decent amount of money to correct, which is why it’s important to work with a professional pattern maker.

Pattern makers understand both the creative and technical sides of garment making. They want to make sure designers get exactly what they’re looking for while keeping things simple for production.

At Lefty Production Co. we have a team of highly experienced pattern makers that can create excellent patterns for all kinds of designs. We use the most advanced software to maximize accuracy and efficiency and to reduce waste.

We offer complete garment manufacturing services in Los Angeles that include sourcing & designing, pattern making, sample making, laser-cutting, pre-production, consulting and marketing.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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