Why You Should Make Space For Earthy Hues In Your Closet

April 24, 2023

Fashion trends sometimes bring with them color palettes that make staying up-to-date easy. Earthy hues are one of those color tones that we know will remain in fashion for a while because of their muted shades and refreshing vibe. This blog will discuss why you need earthy tones in your closet.

What Are Earthy Hues?

As the name suggests, earthy hues are color tones that represent natural elements found on earth. It mostly comprises shades of brown, being the color of the soil. However, dull green, rusty red, and dark grey are also considered earthy hues because of frequently found green leaves, rusted metals, and grey skies in nature. These warm and natural tones have a calm and healing presence, making them an attractive palette for a fresh beginning in 2023.


Muted Swimsuits And Lingerie

Earthy tones are being used in one-piece swimsuits and bikinis extensively. Their natural shades are perfect to set the mood on a calm stop at the beach. Swimwear manufacturers produce swimwear lines that adopt natural colors. Celebrity brands like Kim Kardashian's Skims produce lingerie and body shapers in brown and cream shades that match skin tones, another ode to nature.

The earthy hues have the refreshing advantage of complimenting various skin tones, which makes the palette an inclusive choice for fashion brands that are embracing diversity.  


Athleisure Trends

Since the distinction between activewear and loungewear has blurred, athleisure has taken over the fashion community. From street style to casual lunches and running clothes, athleisure wear manufacturers in Los Angeles use earthy hues to set a laid-back mood for consumers. Athleisure brands have introduced separate product lines for earthy browns and greens, including sweat suits and stretching apparel.

Whether you need to switch colors in your wardrobe or are looking for a color palette to base your fashion around, earthy tones are a great candidate.

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