A Blow-by-Blow of Apparel Preproduction

Even though the clothing industry suffered greatly as a result of the pandemic, production is finally getting back on track in 2021. There's a lot that goes into making the clothes you find hanging on racks at a fashion outlet or displayed on an online store, so let's learn a few things about the pre-production process of apparel manufacturing.

Step 1: Ideas and Designing

So, let's say you're thinking about launching your own line of apparel, which would mean you have a bunch of ideas about what you want these clothes to look like. The first step to put your apparel into production is to come up with and finalize a bunch of rough ideas for the designs to discuss with your garment manufacturer.

Step 2: Research and Designing

When it comes to apparel pre-production, research means scouring the market for fabric and garment options, working out the color schemes and seasonal trends and most importantly, costing and budgeting. Most manufacturers will help you determine where to shop for your raw materials and how to set target costs. You also need to determine the pricing you will set for your final apparel too.

Designing involves creating sketches or digital designs/patterns to tell the manufacturer exactly what you want. These sketches and patterns are a blueprint for what the final clothes will look like so pay special attention to them!

This is also the stage where marking (digitizing the design and patterns) and grading (determining measurement for all sizes) is done.

Step 3: Sampling

Once your designs are sketched out, it's time for samples to be created. Sampling involves the production of a sample product of your design. This sample shows you what your 2D design actually looks like in 3D. It helps you confirm the pattern, fabric, sizing and stitching before bulk production starts.

Step 4: Testing

The samples are tested on either mannequins or more preferably real models to confirm the fitting and stitching for all sizes and body types. Changes are taken into account for newer samples to be made.

A rack of clothes with blurred out mannequins in the background

Step 5: Production Coordination

After all the requirements are taken into consideration and the samples have been approved, the manufacturer then sends to designs into bulk production. The production process starts here and pre-production is all taken care of!

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