Essential Packaging and Delivery Tips For Fashion Designers

June 18, 2018

Many fashion designers fail to realize the importance of product packaging and delivery. No matter how good your product is, package design and delivery influences your sales and revenue.

When customers receive a product, the package design is the one of the first things that will notice about it.

Proper packaging shows that a company has spent time and effort to please customers. Not to mention, a beautiful product package design can make you stand out from competition. Similarly, customers expect fast and reliable delivery from businesses. They expect products to be delivered in perfect condition.

Ultimately, product packaging and delivery influence a customer’s overall shopping experience and can help you build lasting customer relationships.

How to improve product packaging and delivery

Here are some tricks and tips that will make your product packaging and delivery better:

· To improve efficiency and save money, you can standardize your product packaging. For example, use standard package sizes for your products.

· When it comes to picking the style and color of packaging, make sure it reflects your brand’s values and personality. Choose colors that will evoke positive emotions from your target audience. The color of a package affects your conversion rate. Almost 85 percent of shoppers say that color is the primary reason for buying a product.

· Choose good quality packaging materials to ensure goods reach customers in their original condition. Generally speaking, delivery depends on your choice of courier service, package size and weight, etc. Be sure to pick a courier service provider that utilizes advanced mapping software. Furthermore, make sure the courier service provider’s charges suit your budget. Inquire about discounts and special deals on delivery. Most importantly, update your customers about the status of their shipments.

Packaging and delivery service are a vital part of a customer’s experience. Improved packaging and delivery can lead to increased sales and customer base for designers.

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