How Can You Save Money through Fabric and Trim Sourcing

August 20, 2022

With shifting market trends and evolving consumer needs, commercial ventures in fashion design and manufacturing need to be prepared to survive unexpected dips in profit margins. In industry, this competitive, success is never guaranteed. Therefore, clothing manufacturers must trim the fat when it comes to costs.

Lefty Production Co. exists to combat this very threat. However, it can be difficult for clothing manufacturers to invest wisely and comprehensively. Your budget should not come at the expense of the quality of your product. If you're sourcing your materials, our blog post about how to choose the perfect fabric for your designs.

If you're unsure about whether your design and manufacturing company is actually in need of sourcing, then you need to know just how cost-effective it is. Here's what you need to know:

What is Sourcing?

In manufacturing, sourcing is searching for suppliers that could help the company meet objectives like costs, the standard of production, and timelines. Since production requirements can change without warning, having a good vendor for a product that is part of your production process is imperative.

Companies that don't source materials produce them in-house, which means that making a change would have to start at the level of raw materials. On the other hand, manufacturers that source all their raw materials could build up a good working relationship with vendors and have an easier time with market pivots.

Why Should Clothing Manufacturers Source Fabric?

Fabric is one of the largest costs for clothing manufacturers. Buying it ready to use shifts the responsibility of quality control, deadlines, and availability issues onto the vendor. This also makes you less likely to have leftover raw materials, and if you did, you might be able to sell them back at a reduced price.

How Can It Help Design and Manufacturing Companies?

Your vendor for fabric will have knowledge and machinery geared toward fabric production in particular. You might get higher quality materials without having to invest in the additional space, equipment, and personnel you would alternatively need.

Men, women's wear, and children's wear manufacturers will be able to focus capital on the main target: high-quality production. Furthermore, it never hurts to turn your competitors into collaborators in a market as competitive as fashion. If your vendor has been in the business longer than you have, they may have valuable insight.


Materials belonging to a ladies' clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles

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